Friday, July 18, 2008

These Seniors and Disabled Were Denied Their Right To Vote

It is alleged, that in some precincts that ballots only included one candidate's name. It is also alleged if this statement is true, there were ballots in the other Housing Complexes throughout The 37th District. If we as candidates were given the same advantage, we would have accumulated 11,956 votes. The sixteen candidates paid their filing fee, qualified to be placed on the same ballot, but were allegedly omitted in the seniors’ federal housing complexes. throughout the 300 precincts...

Nevertheless, seniors who were allowed to vote; were picked up by a bus driver, wearing LAURA RICHARDSON t-shirts, the seniors were asked to sign their signatures and the ballots given to the bus driver; and he/she voted on behalf for the seniors.. Many senior voters stated they never saw their ballots. These stated irregularities are unfair advances, these stated election improprieties should disqualified Laura Richardson and re-called the election. The election was held June 26, 2007. We are requesting this election deemed null and void..

These seniors and disabled were given ballots with allegedly with only one NAME on June 26, 2007. See filed Court documents for more details on case # BC 377261

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