Friday, July 18, 2008

Immigration and the Issue of Citizenship

These are business owners on Pacific Avenue in Long Beach in the Wrigley Village Business District created by- Lee Davis. She is the Founder and First President of the Business District.- VOTE Lee Davis For Congress- June 3, 2008

When I look at what Freedom and what it means to Americans. I think of legislation without strings. I look a legislation that would be just for all ;rather it is an African coming from that Sudan, Ghana, or Haiti a Canadian coming Quebec, or Montreal, or a Hispanic coming from Mexico, Cuba, or Central America. To become an American should be clear, just, and a policy that is set for all individuals entering the borders of our homeland; to enjoy the pursuant of happiness on our shores.

Laws can not be set for one individual and not applied to all. If the policy is to apply for citizenship, we must apply. If we are here illegally we must apply for citizenship. Should there be a policy for those who have broken the law. There should be a policy for forgiveness, repay back taxes, then apply for citizenship. After a set deadline anyone individual who has not applied for citizen should then be deported Any individual who has applied for citizenship that has committed any acts of violence is automatically deported.. After the application is reviewed, and all the requirements are met we should prepare the petitioners for citizenship.

Our economy is built upon the working class. Economic has created some of the immigration problems. We must put the look at not jut punishing the illegal, but the individuals who employ them. We must allow everyone who want to contribute to this nation enjoy the freedom of becoming citizens.

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