Friday, July 18, 2008

Lee Davis Running for Congress as Write-In

Lee Davis, Publisher of the Wrigley Bulletin & News has announced that she is running for Congress in the 37th Congressional Distict as a write-in candidate.
The district includes Carson, Compton, Signal Hill, Long Beach and parts of Gardena and Los Angeles.
Lee, a long time publisher and community activist, has covered innauguartions of Presidents since Jimmy Carter. She has also covered the funerals Jackie Kennedy, John Kennedy, Jr. and President Clinton's mother as well as Presidents Nixon and Reagan. Lee notes that the Kennedy and Clinton funerals were by invitation of the family while credentials to cover Presidential funerals come from the Pentagon.
She has covered all of the Democratic and Republican nominating conventions since 1980. As a result of this experience she has made numerous connections with people in both parties. She feels this background can help her serve the 37th District.
Her international experience includes teaching English in China and helping her sister build a school in Africa. She also taught math at University of Chicago. Her lifetime commitment to learning and education informs her understanding of the need for funding, administration and infrastructure to insure the education that our childen need to compete in the global economy. Lee says, "As an educator and a mother I know what the people of the district want for their children."
Lee also believes that, "We need to get out of Iraq, but that we need to pay for rebuilding the infrastructure that we destroyed. We need to show the world that we are better than Sadam Hussein."
At the top of Lee's concerns at the moment is the practices of the predatory lenders, which she has lobbied against since 2006. She notes that predatory lending has impacted the 37th District more than any other and that Rep. Laura Richardson has not voted to help stop predatory lending, although she has voted on bills that would help her out of her own problems. According to Lee, "This shows that Laura has her own interests at heart and not those of the District or the people in the District. She has proven to be a national embarrassment."

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