Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lee Davis Write-In Candidate for Congress gathers Support

Photos by James W. Groomes
Pictured here with John Lewis one of the many men who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. These are pictures of many of the Electorial College Representatives from all over America. Lee Davis is Publisher of the Wrigley Bulletin and News, she is a Write-In Candidate for Congress in the 37th Congressional District. These are just some of the Americans she met as she attended the Democratic National Convention as press. Lee Davis is a Write-In Candidate for Congress in the 37th Congressional District on November 4, 2008; reminders voters to WRITE her name in on the ballot.
Lee Davis poses with Ted Koppel a news anchor on the national network. He was there covering this historical event just like Lee Davis. This is Wanda Pope, photo-journalist who joined Lee Davis at the National Democratic Convention in Denver. They are photographed here at Invesco Mile High Field Stadium after the historical acceptance speech of Barack Obama for president. Wanda Hope is also an entreprenuer. She owes and operates an Ice-Cream store in Carson, California directly across the street from Home Depot Atheletic Field, in the shopping mall.
Pictured here are other guests with the Wrigley Bulletin and News , Mary Allen and Lee Davis are accompanied by Jancie Williams from Texas a Delegate. Lee Davis Write-In Candidate for the 37th Congressional District met other journalists from California. Photographed here is Jacke Stevens from KJLH Radio in Inglewood, California with Lee Davis. Jackie Stevens a renown radio personality was one of the many African American journalists whose credential did not allow them access to the floor. KJLH Radio is owed by Stevie Wonder. He performed at the Invesco Field before Barack Obama accepted the nomination from the Democratic Party as President of the United States.
Lee Davis is joined by old friends from California in the lobby of the Sheraton in Denve. Pictured left to-right are Govenor Gray Davis and wife Marie, Mary Allen from Palos Verdes, California, journalist with the Wrigley Bulletin and News, Mayor of San Francisco and his wife.
Lee Davis is joined by an actor from California. He told Lee Davis he came because he could not miss this historic occasion. There were whispers in the air, a movie was in the making telling the life story of Barack Obama. Many studio executives and producers along with actors where there to witness this history for movies making in the future.

Photo by Michael James
Lee Davis is pictured here with James Groomes, photographer for the Wrigley Bulletin at the Denver Art Museum. Denver has so many wonderful museums. The California Democratic Party held its gala at the Museum of Natural History. As California enjoyed entrees from all over the museum. Other guests visited the history of Denver, viewing the mining colonies. On display were rocks of gold, silver and other precious stones.
Kwiese Mufume prior Congressman from Marylandand his assistance was photographed with Lee Davis Write-In Candidate for the 37th Congressional District this November 4, 2008. Kwiese Mufume is also the Past President of the Congressional Black Caucus. He is now one of Barack Obama supporters and advisors. It was great chatting with an old friend about this historical moment at the Invesco Stadium, and knowing he was one of the many supporters behind the scenes to assist in making this historical moment of an African American being nominated as President from the Democratic National Committee.
California was in the house at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaragoa was one of the California Delegates for Hillary. California Delegates casted 166 votes for Hillary. These Delegates did not release their support for Barack Obama. California had 441 Delegates. 273 casted votes for Barack Obama and 2 were absence.,one of the two who was absent was Senator Diane Feinstein. She was home with a broken leg.
Lee Davis is picturec with the Agape International Choir. Lee is a part of the Agape International Choir. She sings soprano However, she has taken a leave of absence as she puts all of her energy into her candidacy for Congress as a Write In Candidate in the 37th Congressional District this November 4, 2008.
Lee Davis , also publisher of the Wrigley Bulletin is photographed here with Gale King, the Publisher of the O Magazine. (Oprah). This was an exciting moment for Lee Davis to discuss her new international Magazine venture with Gale. It was lots of people in the halls at the Pepsi Center, so Gale and Lee Davis exchanged business cards with the intent to chat later.
Lee Davis is pictured here with Percy Pinkney at the Democratic National Committee. He is the administrator for Senator Diane Feinstein. Percy Pinkney is an active community leader.
Lee Davis was interviewed on "Make It Plain"one of Washington D.C. radio personalities, Mark Thompson. She discussed her law suit against Congress woman Laura Richardson which is on Appeal "stating only Laura Richardson name was on the ballots: and another fact her home was stolen from her by Predatory Lenders.This is Ricky, the Director of the Agape International Choir and wife of Dr Michael Beckwith miinister of Agrape. Richy arranges, writes and composes music for the renown choir. She is also a published musicians with credits to her famed name. The Agrape International Choir was featured with famed composer and singer John Legion at the Pepsi Center before Hillary's speech to unite the Democratic Party for a needed victory in November.
These were two actors name Tony and Smif who had flown to Denver, Colorado to support Barack Obama. The y are from Pasadena, California. We played their DVD record and enjoyed it. Congratulation to Tony and Smif, I feel their music will be a hit. So go for it.
These are some of the Agrape International Chior members. Ptictured from left to right Dr. Jesse Sherrod, Maxine Pools and Lee Davis at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Coloroda as they are entering the center to perform with John Legion. A wonderful surprise for everyone. The Agrape International Choir rocked the audience of Delegates with wonderful melodies.
Yvonne Baitwaite Burke, current 4th District Los Angeles Supervisor was one of the Delegates with California. She was seen out and about in Denver, Colorado. She attended the wonderful Black Publishers Gala held at the Ritz Carlston Hotel sponsored by the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper. Many publishers and African American journalists were in attendance as well. it was a great networking event.
Lee Davis is interview by radio to announce her candidacy as a Write-In Candidate for the 37th Congressional District. Laura Richardson was one of the Super Delegates for Hillary Clinton. Although, the 37th Congressional District voted 85 percent to endorse Barack Obama.

Michael James is pictured here in front of the Denver Art Museum. He is a native of Denver, Colorado. He has a sister who resides there. She was a great tour guide and assisted Lee Davis with landmarks . Thank you Luluane for your hospitality.
Americans were everywhere, here Lee Davis poses with Mark Williams, a Delegate from Michigan. He is a Obama Delegate who serves in the State Senate of Michigan.
These are renown California State Legislators. Willie Brown was speaker of the House of California for years. The left or right wing politicians could not defeat him so they created, "Term Litmits Legislation to get rid of him."Those were the years where Congresswoman Juanita Millender McDonald, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Congressman Julian Dixion, and Congresswoman Diane Watson were assemblymembers in the California State Assembly.

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